Nowadays blogging is very popular around the world. Blogs offer a more dynamic experience compared to web pages, where the text of the article is accompanied by comments that visitors (or subscribers) can make. Blogs are generally presented in a "timeline" format, that is, entries are sorted by publication date: in this way, it is instantly known if information is current or old.

Hostings such as or are key when starting in the world of blogging, as it does not involve any effort to create a new address, design the appearance of the pages (templates and themes are included), and start to publish posts.  In the simplicity lies the importance of self-managed blogs, where technical knowledge is not necessary, and only self-discovery of how it works and what the chosen service can do.

Blogs, a characteristic content dissemination format, are simple to handle, in addition to benefiting the user by allowing online editing of the text, as well as hosting image and video content on the blog itself.  The online edition of the entries is a clear advantage over the traditional web page format, since the editing tools are available in the blog's own web access: the blog owner will be able to create or edit the content from any device with access to the Internet. , be it a PC, tablet or a Smartphone.

Blogs are important for both who has launched it and who is a follower.  The followers or visitors of a blog, can benefit from a subjective and impartial opinion about a specific topic and, therefore, solve certain doubts that, otherwise, would remain pending.  Blogs are easy to follow, either through the “timeline”, use of the “tags” or by consulting the different “categories” in which the entries are organized: likewise, the followers have the linked RSS feeds at their fingertips to a blog that , through a PC program or mobile application, warns of new published entries.

Blogs are a very important means of disseminating content on the Internet, providing not only information but also established themselves as a place for discussion between visitors and subscribers.  Blogs are the online, independent media of reference for those who need to contrast opinions, news and information.

Here are some Important and Popular Blog Sites in 2021, you can follow them to enrich  your knowledge.

1.  EditorialGE

2.  ArticleIFY 

3.  Wariat 

4.  BanglaOnline News 

5.  ArticlesNinja 

6.  Mirror News24  

7.  WibiData 

8.  SoundTechniques 

9.  TechIdea 

10.  Celebration of Food 

11.  Healthcare Aide 

12.  Kitknock 

13.  The Martin News 

14.  The Union Blue 

15.  Moondleny 

16.  Apostos 

17.  TechiDate 

18.  TechyPlannets 

19.  Ascncfmacademy 

20.  Blancheforsenate 

21.  Broker Reviews 

22. Comparison of Forex Brokers 

23. Broker Check EU 

24.  F and B Recipes  

25.  Prabhas Wife 

26.  The Tech Style 

27.  The Daily Star 

28.  Bangladesh Newspapers 

29.  Bangla Online Newspapers 

30.  The Juppy Blog 

31.  Thepolishedgent 

32.  Erotica Tale 

33.  Healthy Deals 

34.  Reviews Mobile 

35.  CC Everybody 

36.  Reviews Rabbit 

37.  Unity Media News 

38.  I Do Business 

39.  UK Business Blog 

40.  Daily News Cast 

41.  KodNest 

42.  Pehal News 

43.  My Lyrics List 

44.  Top Planet Info  

45.  Tour in Planet 

46.  Buy CBD Online 

47. WhatsApp GB Download 

48. Globe Visions  

49. Discord Dating Servers 

50. HD Tune Pro

51. Thailand Elite Visas

52. CBD Oil Benefits

53. The Bulletin Time



















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